Stefan Holtkamp

Urban Karv Maga Benelux – Chief Instructor

After more than 25 years working and learning in the worldwide scene of Martial-arts and other self-defence methods I contacted the Urban Krav Maga organisation. I was already trained in original Krav Maga but was interested in the new approaches they could offer. So I packed my bag and went over to the United Kingdom to meet Stewart McGill and his organisation.

I trained a few months with them and became convinced that this was a near perfect self-defence and fighting system. I dare to say that it is the most effective of all the systems I have known and trained within. This is why I decided to make Urban Krav Maga available in the Netherlands and the rest of the Benelux countries.

We are still working in close contact with Urban Krav Maga U.K. to keep improving our techniques and skill-sets. By constant observation and evaluation, and by testing our methods in many different situations, we keep improving our standards and our knowledge.

This means we keep ourselves and our customers as up to date as possible.

Urban Krav Maga is available for everyone, from Beginner to Expert. We do not train with exams or different levels. Our goal is to bring everyone who trains with us to his or her personal best level, so they can protect themselves across a very wide range of situations and scenarios.

Profile – Stefan Holtkamp:

  • Judo
  • Taekwondo
  • Krav Maga with the IKMF and KMG ¬†organisations
  • MMA / Sambo
  • Muay Thai / Kickboxing
  • Since 2015 Urban Krav Maga / Leo Negao MMA / Vale Tudo / BJJ
  • Since 2016 Director & Chief-Instructor Urban Krav Maga Benelux